Friday, November 19, 2010

Master of the Pit Bulls

Oliver de la Cruz is in fact the "master of the Pits!"
Before I met Oliver, I had a negative attitude towards pit bulls like many people do.  Oliver changed my attitude towards this breed completely.

Oliver is one of the top Pit Bull breeders in California.  These are NOT fighting dogs but show dogs!  Have you ever seen a Pit Bull pull over 1000 pounds uphill?  I have!  These dogs are incredibly strong especially when they are trained by someone like Oliver.  In fact, pulling weights is one of the contests these dogs participate in.

Oliver spends a lot of time with his dogs.  In Oliver's words "take time with your dog!"  In order to get World Class results you must spend time with your dogs.
In addition to being a top breeder, Oliver is also one of the coolest people you'll ever meet.  Which is a good thing because he is also my brother-in-law!

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